(Dynamic Intelligent Efficiency)

What is it

It a system of proper teaching methods following the right sequence in every detail, aimed at the most effective and quick perception of students,based on more than 27 years international experience including working with a national teams a WTA and ATP players, using the most advance 21 century methods.

Why DIE is better than most of existing methods?

  • Applicable for all levels and ages including people with disability, helping each trainee to comprehend the fundamental of the game.
  • Clear explaining to the students the conception of tennis.
  • Understandable explain how the physics forces work.
  • Acquiring a clear idea of foot, arms and body works together in a effortless smooth and balanced synchronization.

Advantages of DIE

+ An instant learning and adapting to the specific details of tennis.
+ Absolutely free of injuries.
+ Less and much slower fatigue.
+ Extending the pleasure of the game.
+ 100 % guarantee a beginner will be able to perform a 5-10 shot rally from the baseline as we'll poses good serve and volleys after 10 hours in a group from 4-6 persons.

Disadvantage of DIE

Some of the students do not come back for lessons, instead they get membership in some club and start playing with their friends.