Are you ready?

To be introduced to the greatest game ever the magic named Tennis.

To do change of your way of seeing and playing the game.

To discover the secret path how to:

serve like a pro, with control and consistency,

To have the way of hitting effortlessly forehand and backhand

from all part on the court,

To be able to attack with wonderful approach and volley and wining,

To know how to return the serve,

To be confident when your opponent trying to offense you,

To prolong the time on a tennis court with much pleasure and less injuries,

The do not hesitate to call as!



Our Coaches

Vasil Valkov

I’am the ITF certified tennis coach and the owner of Valkov Tennis Academy Limassol, Cyprus

Eugenius Vodenicharov

I’m Master Professional International Tennis PRO,Creator-author of DIE (dynamic intelligence efficiency) method

Our prices

kids and adults – 60min
1 lesson – 25 euro
1 time per week – 240 euro/20 euro
2 times per week – 360 euro/15 euro
3 times per week – 432 euro/12 euro
4 times per week – 528 euro/11 euro
5 times per week – 600 euro/10 euro
2 persons – 60min
1 Lesson – EUR 40.00 per person
10 Lessons – EUR 30.00 per person, per lesson; Total for the package EUR 300.00

* The discount is available for families of more than two members.
** On official holidays the price for each lesson shall be increased plus 10 euro.

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS (kids and adults)60min
1 Lesson – EUR 75.00 per person
5 Lessons – EUR 60.00 per person, per lesson; Total for the package EUR 300.00
10 Lessons with Vasil Valkov (Owner of the academy) – EUR 650.00;
Evgeny Vodenicharov (Academy coach – PTR ) – EUR 550.00, per person
Kyle (Head coach) – EUR 550.00, per person
Jay – 550 euro package
Milen – 550 euro package
Dimitri – 450 euro package
Ferran – 450 euro package
Joro – 450 euro package
INDIVIDUAL LESSONS 45min for Kids up to 6 years old
1 Lesson – EUR 45.00 per person
5 Lessons – EUR 50.00 per child, per lesson; Total for the package EUR 250.00
10 Lessons – EUR 40.00 per child, per lesson; Total for the package EUR 400.00
Master class – EUR 100.00 per person, per lesson.
The class includes video analysis, Head Coach and feeder
kids and adults 60 min
1 Lesson – EUR 55.00 per person
10 Lesson – EUR 50.00 per person per lesson; Total for the package EUR 500.00

NOTICE: Please give a minimus of 24 HOURS noticeif you need to cancel a lesson in order to avoid potential charge

Our package prices including:
-Top Notch teaching best proofing methods
-Free consultation (all questions about tennis)
-tennis equipment (rackets, balls)
-Preference prices from our sponsor (Tennis beach Point)Outside academy price is 30% above the regular price.
Registration Fee – 100 euro per year (incl. tennis court, lights, equipment)
The new price will be valid from 1st of February 2023
All present students attend group lessons can pay old price list for 2nd Semester.
All present students attend Individual lessons can pay old price list till Eastern.
All new clients, group and Individual lessons shall pay new price list from 1st of February 2023

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